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Dell Server

We are Provide Server Solution in Dell on Dealers Price

  1. PowerEdge XR2 Industrial Rack Server

  2. Dell EMC PowerEdge XE Servers
  3. Dell PowerEdger T140 Server
  4. Dell PowerEdger T30 Server
  5. Dell PowerEdger T40 Server
  6. Dell PowerEdger 3140 Server
  7. Dell PowerEdger T440 Server
  8. Dell PowerEdger T640 Server
  9. Dell PowerEdger M640 Server
  10. Dell PowerEdger MX5016s Server
  11. Dell PowerEdger MX740C Server
  12. Dell PowerEdger MX840C Server
  13. Dell PowerEdger FX Server
  14. Dell PowerEdger C6420 Server
  15. Dell PowerEdger C6525 Server
  16. Dell PowerEdger VRTX
  17. Dell PowerEdger R240 Server
  18. Dell PowerEdger R340 Server
  19. Dell PowerEdger R6515 Server
  20. Dell PowerEdger R7515 Server
  21. Dell PowerEdger R440 Server
  22. Dell PowerEdger R540 Server
  23. Dell PowerEdger R640 Server
  24. Dell PowerEdger R540 Server 
  25. Dell PowerEdger R740 Server
  26. Dell PowerEdger R740XD Server
  27. Dell PowerEdger R7425 Server
  28. Dell PowerEdger R7525 Server
  29. Dell PowerEdger R6525 Server
  30. Dell PowerEdger R740XD2 Server
  31. Dell PowerEdger C4140 Server
  32. Dell PowerEdger X2R Server.

HP Server

We Provide HP Server Solution in HP on Dealers Price.


JP_ HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Server - Front, 8SFF + ODD
HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10- Hero
HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10 server
HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 - Hero left-facing with bezel
HPE MSA 2050- Hero
HPE MSA 2050 SAN Storage SFF
HPE OfficeConnect 1920S Switch Series
Aruba 2930F series switch family photo


Lenovo Server

We are Provide Lenovo Server on Dealers Price.



  1. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 Rack Server

    The SR670 delivers scalable performance for HPC and AI workloads demanding best-of-breed GPU acceleration.

  2. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR665 Rack Server

    A powerful 2U/2P rack server equipped to tackle compute-intensive workloads.

  3. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 Rack Server

    ThinkSystem SR655 is a 2U/1P rack server optimized for GPU-intensive and software-defined workloads

  4. ThinkSystem SR650 Rack Server

    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 is a 2-socket rack server designed for speed and expansion, with flexible storage and I/O, and industry #1 reliability for business-critical workloads.

  5. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 Rack Server

    A versatile 1U/2P rack server for a variety of enterprise workloads.

  6. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 Rack Server

    ThinkSystem SR635 is a 1U/1P rack server tuned for virtualization, database and scale-out software-defined storage

  7. ThinkSystem SR630 Rack Server

    The versatile, highly reliable 1U ThinkSystem SR630 2P rack server is designed to handle most data center workloads, from IT infrastructure and HPC to cloud and hyperconverged.

  8. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR590

    Budget-friendly 2U rack server, offering high availability, high reliability, high performance, high security, easy management, and quick servicing

  9. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570

    Budget-friendly 1U rack server, offering high availability, high reliability, high performance, high security, easy management, and quick servicing

  10. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550

    The 2U ThinkSystem SR550 2P rack server is designed for a balance of processing power, storage capacity, and cost. It provides selectable I/O options and tiered systems management.

  11. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR530 Rack Server

    ThinkSystem SR530 is an ideal budget-friendly, two-processor, 1U rack server, designed to tackle entry cloud, hosting, file serving, and scale-out workloads.

  12. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250

    The ThinkSystem SR250 is a single-socket compact 1U rack server that offers the power, reliability, and flexibility for the hybrid cloud.